Present Progressive – Negations – Long forms – Exercise 1


Put in the verb in brackets into the gap and form negative sentences in Present Progressive.

Use long forms of the auxiliaries only.

Show example


Maria   magazines. (not/to read)


Maria is not reading magazines.

  1. The children questions. (not/to ask)
  2. Nick to the gym. (not/to go)
  3. I the door. (not/to open)
  4. He jokes. (not/to tell)
  5. The baby now. (not/to cry)
  6. We a farm. (not/to visit)
  7. They the phone. (not/to answer)
  8. Gerry, Joe and Boris hamburgers. (not/to eat)
  9. My teacher at the bus stop. (not/to wait)
  10. The rabbit over the fence. (not/to climb)