Reported questions - Exercise 2

Explanation: Reported questions

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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1) Mandy: "Are the boys reading the book?"
Yesterday Mandy asked me .

2) Jason: "Who gave you the laptop?"
Yesterday Jason wanted to know .

3) Robert: "Is Tim leaving on Friday?"
Yesterday Robert asked me .

4) Daniel: "Will it rain tomorrow?"
Yesterday Daniel asked me .

5) Jennifer: "Where do you play football today?"
Yesterday Jennifer wanted to know .

6) Nancy: "Why didn't Nick go to New York last summer?"
Yesterday Nancy wanted to know .

7) Barbara: "Must I do my homework this afternoon?"
Yesterday Barbara asked me .

8) Linda: "Did Max fly to London two weeks ago?"
Yesterday Linda wanted to know .

9) Grandmother: "Where are my glasses?"
Yesterday Grandmother asked me .

10) A man: "When does the train to Liverpool leave?"
Yesterday a man asked me .


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