will-future – Aussagesätze – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 4210

Setze die Verben in den Klammern im will-future in die Lücken in die Sätze.

Beispiel aufklappen


The weather   nice at the weekend. (to be)


The weather will be nice at the weekend.

  1. Tomorrow it on the south coast. (to rain)
  2. My friend 12 next Monday. (to be)
  3. Hey John! Wait a minute. I with you. (to walk)
  4. She her boss next week. (to contact)
  5. I think you this job. (to get)
  6. They at about 6 pm. (to arrive)
  7. The teacher this exercise. (to explain)
  8. He the bottle of water. (to drop)
  9. Lots of accidents in that weather. (to happen)
  10. She if you show her the spider. (to scream)