Fragen und Kurzantworten im going to-future – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 4682

Setze die fehlenden Wörter in die Lücken ein und bilde so eine Frage ohne Fragewort und die dazugehörige Kurzantwort im going to-future. Beachte das Beispiel.

Beispiel aufklappen


  Matthew going to clean his room tomorrow? → Yes,  .


Is Matthew going to clean his room tomorrow? → Yes, he is.

  1. Jessica going to fly to Glasgow tomorrow? → Yes, .
  2. they going to prepare the barbecue on Saturday? → Yes, .
  3. he going to interview the President this evening? → No, .
  4. you going to learn English words by Tuesday? → Yes, .
  5. we going to celebrate Ken's birthday next week? → No, .
  6. Luke going to live in the country in the future? → Yes, .
  7. you going to repair my bike tomorrow? → No, .
  8. Mia going to travel by train on Monday morning? → Yes, .
  9. I going to buy a new smartphone on Black Friday? → No, .
  10. he going to make pizza the day after tomorrow? → No, .