Der s-Genitiv im Englischen – Übung 3

Aufgaben-Nr. 3450

Schreibe die englische Entsprechung des s-Genitivs in die Lücke.

Beispiel aufklappen


I met   sister yesterday. (Mandy)


I met Mandy's sister yesterday.

  1. This is book. (Peter)
  2. Let's go to the . (Smiths)
  3. The room is upstairs. (children)
  4. sister is twelve years old. (John)
  5. and school is old. (Susan – Steve)
  6. shoes are on the second floor. (men)
  7. My car was not expensive. (parents)
  8. CD player is new. (Charles)
  9. This is the bike. (boy)
  10. These are the pencils. (boys)