Die Präpositionen at, in, on in Sätzen – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 3046

Wähle von den Präpositionen at, in oder on die richtige aus und vervollständige die Sätze.

  1. My favourite book is the shelf the living room.
  2. The plane to Liverpool departs 9:15.
  3. We saw Pete the bus stop when it was raining.
  4. Tim likes to have his coffee the balcony Saturdays.
  5. The train to Edinburgh stops York.
  6. The students are working their group project the library.
  7. Lisa likes to go camping the mountains summer.
  8. They always have family dinner Sundays.
  9. The car keys are the table the kitchen.
  10. We usually have our meetings the conference room the third floor.