Gerund oder Infinitiv – Übung 1

Aufgaben-Nr. 1614

Setze das Wort in Klammern entweder im Gerund oder im to-Infinitiv ein.

Beispiel aufklappen


They go on   (read) the book.


They go on reading the book.

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Gerund oder Infinitiv

  1. I can't imagine Peter (go) by bike.
  2. He agreed (buy) a new car.
  3. The question is easy (answer).
  4. The man asked me how (get) to the airport.
  5. I look forward to (see) you at the weekend.
  6. Are you thinking of (visit) London?
  7. We decided (run) through the forest.
  8. The teacher expected Sarah (study) hard.
  9. She doesn't mind (work) the night shift.
  10. I learned (ride) the bike at the age of 5.