Possessivpronomen oder Possessivbegleiter – Übung 3

Aufgaben-Nr. 3164

Setze für das Personalpronomen in Klammern entweder den Possessivbegleiter oder das Possessivpronomen ein.

Beispiel aufklappen


Can you come to   party? (we)


Can you come to our party?

  1. The bus stop is near house. (we)
  2. How is new school? (you)
  3. This is my bag and that is . (he)
  4. Sophia's hair is longer than . (I)
  5. It's turn now. (I)
  6. The bike on the right is . (you)
  7. Which desk is ? (we)
  8. Here are tickets. (she)
  9. The children brushed teeth. (they)
  10. Our school is much nicer than . (they)