Personalpronomen mit Objektformen – Einsetzübung

Aufgaben-Nr. 3162

Setze das Personalpronomen in Klammern entweder in der Subjektform oder der Objektform ein.

Beispiel aufklappen


We gave   a present. (she)


We gave her a present.

  1. lives in Liverpool. (he)
  2. I met in the office. (he)
  3. They sing with in the choir. (I)
  4. Lisa likes . (it)
  5. Excuse , is this the way to the station? (I)
  6. worked in the garden. (we)
  7. Where are the cupcakes? Did you eat ? (they)
  8. Is your sister? (she)
  9. Where are from? (you)
  10. saw Jack in the office. (we)