Fragen im will-future – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 1378

Setze die Verben in den Klammern in die Lücken ein. Benutze das will-future. Achte auf die Wortstellung in der Frage.

Beispiel aufklappen


  school this year? (Susan/to finish)


Will Susan finish school this year?

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Fragen im will-future

  1. me £50? (you/to lend)
  2. When to the country? (they/to move)
  3. the exam in French? (Laura/to do)
  4. When us the file? (Kim/to send)
  5. a mile in 5 minutes? (John/to run)
  6. the garden bench? (your father/to paint)
  7. How many days in Rome? (she/to stay)
  8. Grand Canyon National Park? (we/to visit)
  9. it in Brazil? (William/to like)
  10. I'm going to a basketball match. with me? (you/to come)