gerund or Infinitive

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gerund or Infinitive

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kann mir bitte jemand die einsetzungen korrigieren und evtl. auch die richtige lösung erklären??
Habs jetzt einfach mal so gemacht, wie ich denke...

-Remember calling (call) us as often as possible even if this means trying (try) several times. We´d always like to know where you are.

- Don´t forget to hide (hide) your money. Frank, be careful with your pashe understood everything and thesport and try to use (use) the credit card most of the time. Most Americans stopped paying (pay) cash a long time ago. I´ll never forget to pay (pay) with a ...bill once, they seemed to check (check) the bill forever until they finally accepted it.

Joey´s mother really felt responsible for this young german and she went on for a long time. She only stopped sometimes asking (ask) him if he then she would cunderstood everything and
then she would continue: well, there is one more thing i meant telling (tell) you...but there were many more things and frank wonders whether he will regret listening (not listen) to her all the time. maybe he missed some important piece of advice?

Ich wäre euch sehr, sehr dankbar! HELP! lg M