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Study abroad

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currently I'm thinking about studying in Australia. I used to study in Stuttgart, but I quit due to major dislikes. An Aussie-mate told me that studying in Australia is horrendously expensive. As an overseas student I'd have to pay like 20.000 AUD each year, which would be approximatelly 11.500 €. So thinking about studying over there borders(?) on utopia. (Es grenzt an Utopie.)

Are there any people here who could give me some information about that? It's not that I don't know where I could inform myself... I'm just currious if there's anybody out there who thinks likewise.


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Re: Study abroad

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hey josh,

next year I have an abroadterm (Auslandssemester), so we get a list of universities who cooperate with our. An australien university is also on this list. This university demand for 3 modules 5500 € - if you study 5 modules you get a discout.
I think it a lot! And the cost of living are also higher than in germany...

I hope I can help you a bit.


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Re: Study abroad

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Hi Hayley, this post is nearly a year old so I think the poster might already be in Australia ;) . But thanks a lot for the information, it might be useful for other people! :big_thumb:
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