How to write a filmreview

Alles was zum Lernen gehört.
How to learn effectively.
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How to write a filmreview

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hallo,wir sollen in englsich eine filmreview über den film "east is east" schreiben.
was muss da alles rein und wie fange ich an?
danke im vorraus.

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Ich kenn den Film jetzt nicht so genau, nur vom Titel her.
Wie lang soll der Text denn werden? So 150 Worte schätz ich mal?

Ich hab mal was ähnliches geschrieben über mein/en Lieblingsbuch/film
Twilight. Vielleicht hilft dir das:
(falls jemand den Film noch nicht kennt aber sehen will,
würde ich raten, das hier nicht zu lesen, weil da jetzt alles drin steht,
was passiert und wie es ausgeht... :wink: )

Today I would like to talk/write about a film that I saw recently.
It is called "Twilight" by Catherine Hardwicke based on
the book by Stephenie Meyer. The film is about a young girl, Bella,
who moves to a small town called Forks in Washington to spend some time to
live with her father who is separated from her mother.
She starts to attend school there and soon finds herself falling
in love with a boy, Edward, whom she shares biology class with.
After a while she realizes that he is very different to other people,
as is his family, the Cullens, who live in a house in a forest.
She tries to find out more about him and learns that he is in fact
a vampire. However, he is not an evil vampire who kills people.
He and his family call themselves "vegetarian" vampires who
only kill animals. Edward and Bella soon fall in love with each
other, but Edward struggles hard not to hurt her incidentally,
because even being a "vegetarian" he is still very fond of her
blood. He is afraid that he might kill her if he gets too close to her.
He can only be with her and love her if he is very much in control
of herself. After a while another problem comes up. There are
other vampires near Forks who are really dangerous. They kill
people and the police desperately tries to find out who the killers
are as they hardly leave any traces. One day these evil vampires
see Bella with Edward and realize that she is actually a human.
One of the bad vampires, James, wants to kill her and starts
chasing her. The rest of the film deals with Edward and his family
trying to save Bella from James, to hide her and protect, which
ultimately leads to the final showdown in a ballet studio where
Edward has a brutal fight with James, but ultimately James is killed
by Edward and his family. However, James has already bitten
Bella and she is about to die. She can only be save if Edward sucks
the venom out of her wound, which he does, but not without a
huge amount of effort, because he has to stop himself from killing
her and drinking all of her blood, as he likes its taste so much.
But Bella is saved. The ending of the film is that Edward takes Bella
to the prom dance of school. Bella asks him to make her a vampire
so that she can more easily be with him. But he doesn't want to
make her a vampire. He kisses her and promises to stay
with her, even though he is a vampire and she isn't.

Ich hoffe, das hilft dir irgendwie weiter. Ist etwas lang, das mußt du
ja nicht so machen. Aber vielleicht macht das den Aufbau etwas klarer.
Kannst dein Muster ja hier reinstellen und wir können es uns nochmal