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What is more important for life, an important but lower paid or a boring higher paid job? Discuss!

In our world, there are many jobs which have different tasks and subjects. Approximately half of the people can choose their own job, depending on their skills and qualifications. Nevertheless, why do some people prefer an important lower paid job or a boring higher paid job?
Carrying out a boring higher paid job signifies a better economic status. Precisely men who need to feed their family are dependent on a well-paid employment. When they do not want to endanger their existence, personal interest and desires must be put back.
Of course, people with no relationship have it easier at all. Those people can work longer and are in a better state to withstand stress. Dissociating work from private is not so important for singles than it is for married people.
However, climbing up the greasy pole will be much easier when you are satisfied with your job. Most people can go home smiling, if they have an important and interesting job.
In conclusion I actually would take the lower-paid important job. I need manifold areas of activity in order that I am not getting bored with my work. But yet, everybody has to make this career decision at own. An old proverb can be referred in this context: Man forges his own destiny.