Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

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Hallo liebes Forum,

Es wäre sehr nett, wenn mir jemand den folgenden Text korrigieren könnte, da ich selber mit meinem Stil nicht zufrieden bin.

In the great hall of the Capulets the servants prepare the masked-ball. Capulet welcomes his guests, jokes with them and wants them to dance.
Romeo is there, too, even though he is a Montague. He sees Juliet and asks a servingman who she is but the servingman does not know her name.
Romeo falls in love with Juliet and immediately and he fogots Rosaline.
Romeo speaks to himself and rave about Juliet. Tybalt hears and recognizes Romeo's voice and knows that this is a voice of a Montague. He informs Capulet but Capulet wants Tybalt to appease. Capulet does not want to throw out Romeo. Meanwhile, Romeo has approached Juliet and touches her hand. They flirt and Romeo kisses her but Juliet's nurse distubs they. She says that Juliet's mother wants to talk with her daughter. She goes and Romeo asks the nurse who Juliet's mother is and the nurse tells him that she is the Lady of the house. Romeo recognizes that he falls in love with a Capulet. At the same time Juliet asks her nurse who the gentleman is. The nurse tells her that her gentleman is Romeo and a Montague.

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