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Buchvorstellung Korrektur

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Hi Leute,
also ich muss in English eine Buchvorstellung machen und hab jetzt soweit erstmal die Nacherzählung in, mehr oder weniger, Stichpunkten zusammengefasst.
Wollte euch nur mal drüber lesen lassen und um Korrektur und oder Tips beten, da ich weiss, dass meine Englishkenntisse nur mittelmäßig sind. Buch nennt sich Darkly Dreaming Dexter.


it starts with a murder -> Dexter kidnap a pastor to a isolated barrack

in the barrack are death childs -> pastor rapes an kills these children, Dexter kills pastor

=> not normal serialkiller, murder people who are murderer too

next day, Dexter has a new mission

at site of crime he sees a fragmented whore, her bodily parts are packed in gift wrap paper, no blood

Dexter notices analogys to his own victims (cleanness)

Detective LaGuerta thinks murderer was interrupted, Dexter knows shes wrong murderer experiments (own experience)

two days later next murder, body is fragmented again and shows traces of coldness

Dexter is very fascinated (cleanness -> no blood, exactness of cuttings)

at the same night Dexter dreams about a murder

next day meeting with Deborah, talk about murder, Dexter has idea that murderer uses a cooltransporter

this night Dexter has a nightmare again

something push him to drive in the city, where he meats and pursuits a cooltransporter

he loses cooltransporter and have a break on car-park, asks himself why he drove in the city, belive he becomes crazy

suddenly the cooltransporter appeard again and something bang against Dexters door

he drops out of the car and sees it was a separated head of a woman

visitors found the rest of the body in an ice hockey stadium

Dexter and Deborah also find a driving mirror between the cutted body

he belives it is a personal message ''I saw you when you followed me''

on the next day LaGuerta argues the murderer is arrested

Dexter knows it must be the wrong one, because the alleged criminal seems to be too stupid and
he knows the murder will be offended so the next murder will be more brutal

when Dexter arrives at home he becomes very paranoid because he thinks someone was in his appartment

he finds a seperated head of Barbie in the icebox

Dexter look outside window, thinking about the head of Barbie, see the moon, Dark Passanger wake up

his next victim is a janitor of a highschool, who kidnaped, raped, killed little girls, but no one could prove it
torture and kill him in an empty house

media report about the murder

LaGuerta claims now the wrong one is arrestet the real murderer is still free

asks Dexter what next, because he has ''special inspiration'' in finding a serialkiller

set LaGuerta on the wrong track because he wants to find his imitator on his own

three days later Dexter dreams about a murder on three females, suddenly Deborah calls him and reports about a
murder on three females

he drives completly hysterical to the site of crime

site of crime is also an empty house

the murder was as expected more brutal -> only seperated heads with different objects in their mouth (head of Barbie, driving mirror, third has wounds in the face like Dexters last victim, the janitor

Dexter really think he goes mad, start to think about that he is the murderer, maybe Dark Passanger controls him at sleep and thats the reason why he had this dreams

Deborah finds an information where the rest of the bodys lie

she is right, rest lies in the ice hockey stadium again

In the afternoon Dexter and his team analyze the stadium

Later Dexter and Deborah control the security camera and find a picture of a man looking exactly like Dexter

Deborah becomes very hysterical, claims for an explication, but Dexter don't know what to say

Dexter gets time till 20 o'clock to prove that he isn't the man on the picture otherwise she will tell it the captain

at home he searches for a logical answer but can't find explication, finally fall asleep

wake up 20:30 wonders why Deborah dosn't arrive, he want to visite her and find in his car again a head of Barbie and an advice wich leeds to the harbor

at the harbor LaGuerta suprised Dexter, followed him because she starts to think Dexter is the murderer

Dexter can satisfy her that he has an advice

LaGuerta and Dexter start searching together, after a while he sends her to another way

suddenly a container door opened, Dexter can identify Deborah on a operating table

another person appears, who looks very closly to Dexter

the stranger start to explain who he is

it is Dexters older brother Brian

Dexter is completly paralyzed, first time he shows emotions

after some words Brian tells the story of Dexters early childhood

Dexter and Brian where locked in a shipping container in a pool of blood

next to them their mother dead -> her blood

thats the reason why they are traumatized

Harry and his team found them -> adopt the little Dexter, Brian came in a psychatric therapy

now Brian wants to torture and kill Deborah togehter with his brother

Dexter asks himself why Harry didn't say anything, and asks himself why he dosn't should kill her if his family lie the hole time
in front of the operating table he think about it a long time, shows emotions like a normal person

suddenly LaGuerta appears Brian wants to kill her but she shots him in the shoulder but he can knife her, then Brian losts his awareness

Dexter can free Deborah and they run out of the container

Danke schonmal.