What's your very favourite? Drop by here!

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What's your very favourite? Drop by here!

Beitrag von tanhuimei »

:freu: Hey guys,

Meet you here again :uppy: . Share your very favourite here! What they are? :lol: List down 'em :

1) Music
2) Movie
3) Book
4) Cell phone
5) Musical Instrment
6) Other ( you could list down what ever thing which I didn't :spin: )

:tup: Well, my very favorite is :

1) Lyric music, pop songs
2) Paradise Kiss, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Phantom of the Opera, Las Vegas, Lust Caution and so much more....
3) All Enid Blyton's and of course English books
4) Nokia N series
5) Piano( the most) , Violin, Guitar, Saxophone and Drum.
6) Idol : Jay Chou and Leehom (both of 'em are pianist)

:jo: Hope you enjoy this page!


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Re: What's your very favourite? Drop by here!

Beitrag von sss... »

1) pop music, (punk)
2) Mr. and Mrs.Smith, Jackie Chan
3) Amazonaskind
4) Nokia
5) Saxophone
6) Idol: Mahatma Gandhi :wink:

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Beitrag von Frodo »

Great Idea!

1.) Soundtrack, Pop Music, Gospel and more...
2.) The Lord Of The Rings, Pan`s Labyrinth, Titanic, King Kong (Peter Jackson`s version), Amadeus, Se7en, Kingdom Of Heaven (Director`s Cut), The Lion King ( :D )
3.) Harry Potter series, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogie, The Flowing Queen, The Stone Ligth, The Glass Word, His Dark Materials- Trilogie, Angels&Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Bartimaeus, and other books...
4.) Motorola
5.) Piano
6.) Hobbys: I read books, I sing in a Schoolband, I write a (fantasy-) book (... :roll: ) and I draw a lot of pictures!

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Beitrag von blackcat »

1) Heavy Metal, Rock and some Pop songs (my favourite bands are Schandmaul, Subway to Sally etc)
2) don't have a favourite movie. There are so many good movies.
3) I like books of Stephen King. Also I read many Vampire-books and fantasy books (very good > Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials)
4) Siemens (I have a very old cell phone, but it's the best^^)
5) All kind of flutes, violin, piano
6) I like animals very much. My favourite animals are cats (big and small ones). Er... and I like to draw a bit.

@Frodo: A fantasy-book? Wow! I always wanted to write a book, but I don't have any talent :wink:
What's your book about?
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Beitrag von Frodo »

blackcat hat geschrieben: @Frodo: A fantasy-book? Wow! I always wanted to write a book, but I don't have any talent :wink:
What's your book about?
Yes a fantasy book, but there is more to the joy and as a hobby. I hope it will ever end, because my head is full of new ideas!
I can tell you as much: Its a Fantasyland and its war everywhere. There are many plots and complicated story, sometimes I even confused
I dont want make a 08-15 Fantasystory, or a copy of "Lord of the rings" :) .

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Beitrag von Lennart »

My favorite is:

1. House and Reggae
2. The italian Job; Lord of Rings ( all ); Die Hard 4.0 ...
3. A lot of English books!
4. Sony Ericson or iPhone
5. Drums or Concert Guitar
6. Karl and Theo Albrecht
7. Hobbies: Learning for School; Working with computers; Handball, Basketball, Baseball, Football,
Tennis, Swimming, Bike riding, Surfing, Sailing - I love sports ;-)

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Beitrag von Eagleeye »

1. Country Music bu also everything that's in the charts
2. I recently watched the Calender Girls and it was so funny!
3. Agatha Christie books and all sorts of crime and mystery books, also Sherlock Holmes
4. I never had Nokia and never will, due to recent events here in Germany (Bochum). I stay with Motorola!
5. I play the guitar, not very often but still quite well.
6. Other? Well perhaps my best ever hollyday which was in Peru. Soooooo nice!

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Beitrag von pravdarusskia »

1) Music. I'll listen to anything, but most songs I prefer are country.

2) Movie. Inside Man/Man on Fire.

3) Book. Perfume.

4) Cell phone. The Q phone.

5) Musical Instrment. Guitar.

6) Other/Animals. The Serval.

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Beitrag von friendly2004 »

1) The Beatles are my faves; REM, James Blunt, Eric Clapton or Bryan Adams are great, too

2) Sneakers, Enemy of the State, Ocean's 11 - 13, Paycheck,

3) almost all by John Grisham and "A year in the merde" as well as "Merde actually" (both by Stephen Clarke)

4) Samsung or Sony Ericsson

5) the piano and keyboard

6) sports team: VfB Stuttgart

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Beitrag von Rhapsody »

1) metal: prog, power, melodic death

2) Léon, Merlin, Braveheart, Monty Python’s Life of Brian

3) all written by David Gemmell (if you know him, you'll understand :D )

4) Sony Ericsson

5) guitar and piano: unfortunately I can't play myself :(

6) aim: Abitur with 1,0 :big_thumb: :wink:

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Beitrag von Nevermore »

1) Nearly everything. Mostly Alternative Rock, though :wink:
2) No favourite one... but I like movies made by Tim Burton, Luther, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and some of the Ghibli Animes
3) Some stuff by Edgar Allan Poe and a book called "Der tote Fisch in der Hand" (quite an interesting book about psychology).
4) Xda Cosmo. Love it for it's "keyboard" :tongue:
5) Piano, Guitar. I do play both, but not that good.
6) Favourite activities: Riding my bike / spinning, chating (whether by ICQ or by phone...), listening to music, surfing the i-net, meeting some friends and so on~

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Beitrag von PlaymateNo8 »

1) Raggeaton, pop, hip hop
2) Scary movie, Saw, 2 fast 2 furious
3) The hound of the baskervilles (we read it at school and i like it very much xD)
4) Nokia
5) Piano
6) Parfum: Pussy deluxe (it's also a label for clothes...)

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Beitrag von Keswick »

1) Rock, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, Battle Metal
2) Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels
3) A long way down by Nick Hornby
4) Samsung (no specific sub-brand)
5) Bass guitar
6) Place: Scotland
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Beitrag von freckle »

  • 1) Nearly everything, Rock, Pop, House, Electro - but I especially like Irish (violin) and Scottish (Pipes & Drums) music

    2) Forrest Gump, Sweet Home Alabama, Notting Hill, Schindler's List, Erin Brockovich, The NeverEnding Story (1), The Shawshank Redemption, City Of Angels, Star Wars (all), Der Schuh Des Manitu :mrgreen: , The Treasure Planet

    3) Book(s)?! Even telling you my favourite authors would take ages... I read nearly everything I lay my hands on. Most of my own books I read up to three or four times, however leastwise two times.

    4) Nokia

    5) Bagpipes, Drums, Guitar

    6) Animals: I love my two cats and I'm interested in animal protect. I also love to travel and to get to know other countries and civilisations. In the end, I'm working as a volunteer fire fighter and I engage myself to work against the disrepute German fire services have to grapple with. I'd like to sanitise the puplic view of fire fighters in Germany.

(Corrections are welcome)

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Beitrag von Kayara »

1) Music
2) Movie
3) Book
4) Cell phone
5) Musical Instrment
6) Other ( you could list down what ever thing which I didn't Spin )

1) almost everything lol... Bryan Adams is great (especially live), Mêlée (absolutely nice people. I met them in september before and after their concert), Sarah McLachlan and a lot more
2) Finding Neverland, DaVinci Code, Grease, SatC, Coyote ugly, Erin Brockovich, The Others and a lot more
3) Harry Potter 1-7, DaVinci Code, PS: I love you, Rosie Dunne, the books from Suzanne Frank, the Book Thief...
4) my Motorola
5) Guitar, Piano
6) Hobbies: going to cinema, reading, writing, meeting friends, travelling (if I've money), Internet, Photoshop, music...