The meaning of your nickname

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Beitrag von PlaymateNo8 »

I choose the Nickname "Playmateno8" in every chat I'm registered.
When I'd been at school we had something like a gang...and just for fun everyone of us got the name Playmate and a number...I got the number 8 and because I don't know how to name myself in chats and things like that I always take this name :D

I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect but I'm german and I like this language very much and I hope to improve my english knowledge while writing with people on this site.

lots of greets

PlaymateNo8 (Sina) ^^

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Beitrag von honey-n »

I have my nickname "honey-n" from my boyfriend.
When we came together for one year, he always said to me: "honey".
And then I wanted to register me somewhere and my boyfriend say:"take the nickname "honey-n"
honey, because he said it alsways to me and the "n" is because of my name..

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Beitrag von skechers »

My nickname doesn't have a deep meaning. Once I was registrating for a website which was about lyrics and I was desperately seeking for a nickname which was not taken. Then I was looking at the "Skechers" advertisement on my wall and called myself skechers. Now I always take that name when someone stole my usual nickname :wink:

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Beitrag von freckle »

I have got hundrets of freckles - my face, my shoulders and arms are covered with little sweet freckles.

So I always use a nickname which contains in one way 'freckle(s)' - in some communities I am 'sommersprosse' - in another one I am called 'lentiggine'.

The italian version sounds pretty good to me, but I also like the english one, because 'freckle' also means 'das Fleckchen' (a little place?) in German, which appears really cute to me.

And finally 'freckle' somehow reminds me of the pronouncian of my real name if someone doesn't know how to read it - Frauke seems to be not an easy german name :mrgreen:

Some people also called me 'Frokee' - and some people asked what a curious name "Ke" is... :)

A good night to everyone,


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Beitrag von Josh »

Guess what my name stands for. ;)

An alternative name I use from time to time is "Big Badaboom". Those of you who have watched "The 5th Element" with Bruce Willis, know what I'm talkin about. There's a woman in the movie who tries to describe to Bruce Willis what'll happen to.... well stomething I can't really remember. But to desribe what'll happen she says "Big Badaboom". I thought that was funny so I chose that word as my second nick name ;)

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Beitrag von Englandgirl »

I love England and that`s why I call me Englandgirl and because I am a girl :D :lol:

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Beitrag von Deanna »

I like Star Trek so I chose the name of one of my favourite Star Trek-characters, that's Deanna Troi :)

I use this nickname since I first registered somewhere in the internet. And it also sounds a little bit like my real name (no, it's not Diana ;-))

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Beitrag von Ace »

I often use the nickname "Ace". The nickname came from my favorite
TV series the Gilmore girls. Logan Huntzberger, the boyfriend from Rory,
called her Ace (only in the English language, not in the german one) cause
she is a reporter ace... soo I stole it from a TV serie :D


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Beitrag von Muffy »

Hm, yes my name?!
Yeah, I'm a little bit clumsy (a litlle bit?... maybe a little bit more *g*)... not good, but still a lovely person :wink1:

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Beitrag von mhtp »

my name is mehtap and I omitted the vowels it becomes mhtp:)

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Beitrag von Monja »

My Nickname is just my real name....even thought...i'd like to put another nickname now. xD oh well...

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Beitrag von Nicki »

I chose my nickname because its the name of my cat.

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Beitrag von JebigaJohnny »

I choosed that name because my favourite music artists often says ,,Jebiga Johnny''. Jebiga is serbian and means some thing like: it doesn't matter. Johnny is a name.
I like the way you can say ,,Jebiga Johnny'' and that's why I took that name!

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Beitrag von Helgi »

As from me. I chose this nickname because my original first name sounds quite so in Scandinavian countrys :lol:

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Beitrag von malen »

a very interesting topic indeed.
:freu: :freu: