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Beitrag von friendly2004 »

thought about the attitude that describes me the best and that was in 2004 ;-)
and i wanted a creative and unique nickname

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Beitrag von Eagleeye »

I had the Idea for my nickname a few years ago, when I started playing an online Game calles "Die Stämme", in English it's "The Tribes". I like eagles and this nickname gave the impression, that I coul fly above all things and see everything.

Well, any way, I use this nickname ever since and I like it!

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Beitrag von michael123 »

My username is just my name. And then the numbers 123. Obviously my name isn't Michael123 :roll: I also write on the forum at and use this username there. I the 123 is because I thought the username Michael would be taken, but then again it probably isn't here. How many Germans can be called Michael?

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Beitrag von Nevermore »

Quite a lot. It's also a German name :wink:

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Beitrag von Rain »

I love the sound and the smell of rain. Watching the rain fall is something I could do for hours.
I am a rainy person.

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Beitrag von LivingInAmerika »

My nickname comes from the song "Amerika" by Rammstein. Part of the chorus goes, "We're all living in Amerika." in reference to how American culture, such as our music/movies/slang, has become a part of other cultures all over the world. Considering that many people think the song is anti-America(though it is not!), I figured it would be a nice inside joke for people who knew the song to see an American with part of the song as his nickname. Also, I thought it would be an easy way for everyone to know where I'm from, and that I'm a native English speaker.

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Beitrag von lilwing »

I have had this alias for many years. I couldn't decide on one. "Lil" is the contracted slang word for "little". Littlewing is my favorite song by Jimi Hendrix, who was my favorite musician at the time.

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Beitrag von UdoLindenberg »

Udo Lindenberg is one of my dad's favourite German Singers.

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Beitrag von medo »

Medo is the name my friends use to call me. Its bosnian and its meaning is "teddybear" bosnian friend has chosen this name for me..dunno why though..I dont look like a bear:)

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Beitrag von Mister »

ich bin eigentlich die frau von "Mister" und habe deswegen den nick rausgesucht ohne viel zu überlegen :mrgreen:

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Beitrag von Rhapsody »

I chose this nickname, because:

firstly it is one of my favourite bands (rhapsody of fire)

and secondly it is the protagonist of a very cool saga (rhapsody-saga)

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Beitrag von jul4eto »

Well, may I try to explane it in German, because in English it's almost impossible.
And if I make a lot of mistakes please correct me :D

Zuerst meine Name ist Julia.
Und auf Umgang Bulgarisch 4 steht fuer -ch.
-4e ist wie auf Deutsch -chen
-to ist wie auf Deutsch die.
Das ist!

And I hope that you guys can read my nickname :lol:

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Beitrag von Saskia »

My nickname is my real name...and "Saskia" means : "being from Saxony"...yes in Germany I got some laughter because of the "special" Saxon dialect
But the name isn´t so wrong at all - I come from Lower Saxony :freu:
Welkamm tu Hämbörg Ährpohrt!

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Beitrag von King of beat »

I like electronic music and DJ´s, that´s why i am calling myself "King of Beat" :P

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Beitrag von Keswick »

Well Keswick is a small place in the Lake District in England and I love going camping there :).
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