Lovely Bones

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Lovely Bones

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Ich bin neu im Forum und wollte fragen, ob sie jemand meine Meinung zu Lovely Bones mal durchlesen könnte und seine Meinung bzw. die Fehler korrigieren könnte, die er finden würde? Bitte, bitte, bitte!

Lg, danke VERO

In my opinion the book should used in school because the story is really frightening, cheerless and close to reality. Some parts of the novel are visionary like the description of heaven but it is not the same as some of the Standard-Fantasy-books. “Lovely Bones” is partly to lengthy as Chapter VII (p. 91 – 95) so that it’s first exciting then it changes and begins to be too detailed. But the theme is arguable and has interesting characters which makes a development in terms of the Salmon’s wedlock modified into a decomposing marriage, Susie’s siblings who grow up and the primary development Susie’s life in heaven.
In general the novel has two different and abnormal perspectives which give you an interesting insight of heaven and earth from another perspective. In spite of the cheerless topic some parts of the book are to smirk which change the mood of the book sometimes.
The novel deals with a tearily topic because Susie Salmon misses her youth and notices her family and friends when they live on. All that makes the book good readably and for young people could it be a help to approach a problem because of the topic which is so close to reality and acts a lot in today’s lifestyle.