"Holes" by Louis Sachar

Alles zu den englischen Zeiten im Aktiv und Passiv.
Questions on tenses (Active and Passive).
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"Holes" by Louis Sachar

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Hallo, ich habe in meinem Englischkurs das Buch "Holes" gelesen und sollte dazu einige Aufgaben bearbeiten. Natürlich gehört auch eine Zusammenfassung dazu und da habe ich mich rangewagt. Inhaltlich ist alles richtig, doch denke ich, dass ich noch Problme mit den Zeitformen habe, denn ich weiß nicht genau, wann ich dann das Present Perfect nehmen soll.
Es wäre nett, wenn mir einer helfen könnte.

Grüße Filinchen

Hier mein Text:

Give a summary of the action!

The author of the novel “Holes” is Louis Sachar. He has written a couple of books for children and teenagers. He lives in Texas. Thereby he has got his inspirations for “Holes”.
The novel is about the only child Stanley Yelnats who goes to middle school. There he does not have many friends. He is overweight und not very much self-confident.
Stanley lives with his parents in a small apartment. His father is a very smart man who tries to invent oddities. But he fails and so the Yelnats belong to the poorer families.
By mischance Stanley is blamed for the burglary of the famous baseball player Clyde Livingstone’s sneakers.
The Yelnats are very unlucky generally! Stanley has had the choice to go to prison or to go to Camp Green Lake, an adventure camp like his parents have thought misleadingly at first.
Actually it is a juvenile correctional facility in Texas.
A vast and very dry wasteland without shade but with lizards and rattlesnakes.
Stanley comes to a group with six boys: Magnet, X-Ray, Squid, Zigzag, Armpit and Zero.
Inside of the group the are certain commandment: the hierarchy is exactly arranged and everybody gets a nickname. Stanley is called “Caveman”.
The boys have to dig a whole each day. To avoid the insupportable heat they start to dig early in the morning.
Thereby conflicts start with the other boys but with the controller “Mr Sir” and “Mr Pendanski”, too.
The whole purpose of digging should be the return of rational and the rehabilitation of the boys. In truth there is a complete other reason for.
One gained inside the past: Once there has been the largest lake in Texas with a little town, it has been green and copious.
Miss Kathrine Barlow, young and beautiful, has taught in the little school.
Finally, she has fell in love with Sam, the black onion man. Nobody has connived their love.
The tragedy has gone on: Sam has shot in the lake and has died.
To retaliate Miss Kathrine has become “Kissin’ Kate Barlow”, a famous and feared outlaw.
She has buried her loot around Camp Green Lake. The ancestors of the Warden have tried to find the treasure and have afflicted Kate. She has died by a bite of a lizard.
So, the Warden continues her ancestor’s project.
After a conflict with Zigzag Zero and Stanley flee at intervals of a couple of days. They have become friends.
Actually Zero is named Hector and he is a descendant of a gipsy Stanley’s great-great-grandfather has stolen a pig.
With the hope to get help somewhere the two boys hit the road.
It turn on that Zero has stolen the Sneakers.
After many difficulties in the vast wasteland they turn back to the camp to find Kate Barlow’s loot.
They were caught by the warden.
Finally the story ends with the “deliverance” of the innocent Stanley and his friend and with the closing of Camp Green Lake.