A Day`s wait - help!!!

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A Day`s wait - help!!!

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:( Ich analysiere die kurzgeschichte A Day`s wait.Ich habe aber riesige Schwierigkeiten :shock: .Kennt jemand die Geschichte und kann mir meine ersten Fragen korrigieren.Ich glaube ich bin ein hoffnungsloser Fall :(

1.Describe the way in which the two main characters are presented to the reader.

-Throughout the text, the author uses indirect characterization.Characterzation is achieved in the explicit discription of one character by another.The reader gets an idea of the boy`s physical apperance through the fathers descripton of him: he looked ill,he is shivering, his face is white he has a fever and he seems very detached.Right from the beginning, the boy is refused and indifferent. The father sees himself in the role of an authoritarian head of the family He does not tolerate contradications.His behaviour changes after the enlightenment of a misunderstanding.

2.What therapy is suggested for the patient, and why?

The boy has a fever.His father invites him to go up to bed.The doctor has taken his temperature.The boy has one hundred and two degrees.The doctor has left three diffrent capsules with instructions for giving them.Because it ruled a wave of infulenza the boy should avoid pneumonia.He gets a capsule to bring down the fever,another apurgative and the third is against acidity.Tehre was nothing to worry if the fever don`t rise above one hundred and four.

3. What is the central misunderstanding in this story?

The central misunderstanding is in the story that the boy does not know the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.Therefore he thinks that he is going to die.The doctor says that he has a tenperatur about one hundred and two.For that reason the boy thinks that he can`t live one hundred and two degrees because boys at school in France told him that noone can live with fourty-four degrees.The connection sticks of my opinion is that the father spends a pleasant hunting day,during his child has a slightly illness.But for him it is unintelligible the way of acting of his father.