Korrektur lesen!!!

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Korrektur lesen!!!

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Ich hätte mal ein kleines problemchen, könnte mir vielleicht jemand helfen? Wäre echt voll nett von euch!! :)
Ich suche jemanden der den folgenden Text korekktur lesen kann,
vorallem auf Grammatik!! In dem Text geht es um Bob Marley.

Ich danke euch schon mal im voraus recht herzlich

Liebe grüße


In May, 1977 Bob Marley got an injury in the Toe with the soccer game during the exodus tour in Paris. When this wound did not want to heal of alone, Bob Marley went to a doctor. The doctor decided to amputate to toes, however, Bob Marley allowed to not amputate him for religious reasons. In winter, 1980 while to the concerts with Stevie Wonder in America, Bob Marley fallen ill very strongly, already with some concerts Bob Marley became unconscious. At the nights he woke over and over again dazedly and he got blackouts over and over again. The wound he has moved in 1977 in Paris with the soccer game with, had not healed after three years yet. The wound in the toe had prepared Bob Marley during the whole years over and over again problems, and has developed crustaceously, already in the whole body were metastases. As that his Mrs. Rita Marley got she travelled immediately to him. Her husband saw immediately Rita Marley very strongly is aged. All concerts were immediately called off, and Bob Marley came to a cancer clinic in Manhattan. There he got a ray therapy, on it his dreadlocks fell out there to him and Bob Marley stopped because of his religion with the ray therapy. When that became known of the press, Bob Marley left the clinic and visited different doctors in Miami and Mexico. The doctors meant Bob Marley the next year no more would experience. On the 04th November, 1980 he was christened by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church on the name Berhane Sellassie, and went to a Bavarian clinic near the little Austria ski border around himself of 72 years of age doctors Dr. Josef Issells behandel of letting. Dr. Josef Issells was very controversial in the medical circle, because he treated only with physical treatment. When Bob Marley 6 months lived longer than the other doctors it had thought. On the 8th May Bob Marley decided to fly back in his homeland to die there. Bob Marley’s the oldest son Ziggy Marley accepted meanwhile the " order of Merit " for his father on Jamaica. On the 11th of May Bob Marley flew back after Jamaica, however, with one between landing in Florida Bob Marley so weakly he was no more could fly on and immediately in the hospital must go. Then in the hospital he died about 11.30 o'clock on the 11th May, 1981 Bob Marley one the most famous reggae musician died of a cerebral tumour, in old from only 36 years in a hospital in Miami. He left 12 children. His corpse was brought after Jamaica. On the 21st May, 1981 Bob Marley on Jamaica was buried and about 24000 people passed sadly missed by in his coffin, under it also the prime minister and the government. His corpse was with a blue suit-dressed in the right hand he held a Bible, in the left hand his guitar on the head he carried a woolen cap in the colours of the Ethiopian flags and a Ganja branch on him in his finger a ring which he has got as a gift of Haile Selassie personally with a private audience, Marleys corpse was buried in a small mausoleum in his birthplace Nine Miles on the hill by Saint Ang. The funeral cortege which followed the coffin applied more than no less than 89 kilometres. After his death Bob Marley left approx. 30 million dollars, Rita Marley administered money. However, soon after Bob Marley Tod inheritance fights were between producers, record companies and his family as well as the volume. His effort towards peace were successful only restricted, namely the Wailers had to leave Jamaica because of persistent power, Peter Tosh as well as drummer Carlton Barrett were shot in Kingston. Indeed, his music lives the peace as for example his song "Get up Stand up" embodies further became to an unofficial hymn from amnesty international. Even to his 60-year-old birthday he has been in 2005 worldwide commemorative concerts were held.

Rastafari is named after Ras Tafari Makkonnen, to the later emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I. The prefix "Racing" signifies head, the addition "Tafari" signifies creator. " Haile " signifies strength and "Selassie" Trinity. Main signs are: The recognition Haile Selassies as a returned Messiah to which the maltreated descendants of the slaves from America would drive home in the promised land Africa, the refusal of the western worth system as well as the fight for the equal rights of the black population. Some Rastafaris dropped later the idea of the divinity Haile Selassies and turned to the Ethiopian-orthodox church. Women are often excluded on the one hand high respectably, however, from decisions and respected Gemeinschaftlichkeit of the co-religionists. One calls a single follower of the Rastafari Rasta man, Bredren, Idren - with female Rasta sistren, sister, daughter or also Iawata. They are vegetarians, reject alcohol and tobacco and consume with passion Ganja (marihuana). For a religious Rastafari the Cannabis smoking is a sacrament, no loose leisure activities. The Rastafari carry to show God to dreadlocks and untrimmed beards as an expression of her physical attachment and around her Gotteserfurcht before her God, called "Jah" (Jahweh/, personifies in Haile Selassie I. In addition, the dreadlocks are a symbol for the lion's mane, the lion of Juda. The Rastafaris primarily were known by the reggae music (from e.g. Bob Marley). Rastafari is no grouping which submits to the rules Babylons. The colours of the Rastafari - movement (green yellow-red) which at the same time the colors of the Ethiopian national flag show find in this connection likewise her explanation. They also, however, signify for the Rastas: Green for the promised land Ethiopian, the homecoming of the black man. Gold for the wealth one has stolen the slave and Red, for the bloodshed and the murders among the kidnapped slaves. Some essential aspects the Rastas are: Skin colour, race and nationality are completely inessential. Nevertheless, they know that every person or every people must believe in his own God, and can allow to suggest itself no foreign belief!!!