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Hilfe für Schulaufgabe

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Ich bräuchte dringend, wirklich dringend Hilfe beim Lernen für die nächste Schulaufgabe. Ich gehe in die 11. Klasse und muss für die nächste Schulaufgabe ectl. einen comment oder eine Comic Analysis schreiben. Und ich bräuchte für die nächste SA eine super Note (nein es geht nicht um weihnachtsgeschenke ;) ), wäre daher irgendjemand so nett, mein Werk, das ich gerade geschrieben habe (über diesen cartoon:
probezulesen und mir zu sagen, welche Fehler ich gemacht habe, und was besser werden muss? Das ist meine Analyse dazu:

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Analyse of a cartoon:
In this work, I want to analyse the political cartoon "111" wich i found in the Internet on the site www.sidewalkbubbelgum.com. The Cartoon is about the theme of death penalty and its cruelness. In the cartoon you can see a horrible looking dead prisinor who just got electrofied to death. He is still sitting on the electricic chair, his mouth is opened as if he wanted to scream of pain, and smoke is coming out of his body. The prisoner looks like he had to suffer horrifieng pain before he died. In front of the dead prisoner stands a good dressed and propper looking man. The man sais: "You know, I'm still not satisfied, maybe we could set him on fire, chop off a hand or two... Something more dramatic." The headline of this cartoon is "Let's get super duper tough on crime!".
The cartoon refers to the big problem of crime and its cruel, doubtfuly fight with the death penalty. While the death prisoner looks poor and as if he had suffered horrible pain, the well dressed man seems as if he isn't impressed by this shocking view. Indead he is thinking about even more cruel punishments, and shows him in an extremely bad light. The cartoon can be counted as even more than ironic. This cartoon is defenetivly deeply sarcastic, what can be seen by the fact, that it is acting with the terrible death of a prisoner in a funny way. The sarcastic element is that the well dressed man, who seems to be a politician doesn't seem to be imprressed by the horrifieng view offered by the death prisoner in front of him. He wants to have even more cruel punishments for the prisoners, punishments that effect on a bigger audience. He seems to ignore the pain, the prisoner had in his very last moments. The author of this cartoon wanted to show with this cartoon, that the deterrence of the death penalty has failed, and that cruel politicians don't look at the pain of prisoners, they just want to get even more deterrence to keep their people from comitting crimes. But the terrificly look of the prisoner shows that it will be kind of hard to kill a person in a even more cruel way. So the statement of the politician seems to be far away from reality. With all this, the cartoonist shows the uselessly of the death penalty, an that politicians, defending death penalty are far from reality.
Vielen Dank im vorraus an alle die mir helfen![/code]