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Bitte um Kontrolle Dringend.

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Hallo ich bin Student und hab Probleme mit Englisch ich hab jetzt eine aufgabe gehabt und habe die mit ach und krach gemacht aber ich bin mir halt mit Grammatik und Satzbau nicht sicher. Bitte um korrektur.

There are lots of opinions about drones. Some people have fun by flying drones, some people are against cameras flying over their neighbourhoods. What is a drone and what can you use it for? A drone is a pilotless flying machine. You can use it for many helpful things. For example, you can use it to have your order delivered faster. Drones can travel up to 50 miles and they can use for bringing medical supplies to remote places. First, I think it is to early and not feasible because, drones are not safe enough. People are worried that the drones could crash, causing destruction of property, injury or even death because drones are only machines and not humans. meanwhile there are very intelligent fine and fast drones that can be operated automatically like the Phantom 4 It may be that the drones can be hacked if the system is not safe enough or accidents can happen quickly. I also think that die privacy of people can be disturbed. It is possible to do a lot of work with drones, but the safety of people should always be at first. Another point is that if many drones should fly at once it is very probably that even two or more drones collide, which could cause a lot of damage. Many companies want to use drones to save a lot of money and deliver much faster so that the customers are happy but there are people who do not necessarily need fast delivery. People can shoot drones down for fun and that is expensive for companies if they shoot everyday lots of drones. Another negative example is that the nature or even the animals such as birds can be injured or killed by drones. for the military or even for the police, a drone can be a great help to track criminals or find missing people. If people want to fly drones, licences should be introduced because a tourist damaged an environmental wonder at Yellowstone National Park. The environment would get much better by using drones, but drones are not cheap, it would also cost a lot to use drones. Many people would become unemployed by introducing drones. Positive is, that drones are more fuel-efficient than trucks because they are battery-operated, and the batteries are simple to fill and strong. Another fact is Personnel cost of delivery or reducing gas cost are the reasons of using drones. Most probably it will be some time before this idea is feasible. Weighing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that drones can be helpful for people but can also still be very dangerous. Realistic is only using drones for military purposes to secure human life or to catch criminals everything else is not necessary and not feasible. One possibility is, if people absolutely want to fly drones, they should fly the drones on private terrain under supervision of persons. If people cannot drive shopping food, there is still family and friends who can help them therefore even then a drone is not necessary.