Hello, I'm new to this website

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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Hello, I'm new to this website

Beitrag von SandOwl »

Hello, I just made this account because I want to help other people learn English because English is my native language and I can speak German so I can help you on in both languages. I'm writing this in English because it's my preferred language and my German isn't the best. Here's some information about me.

I'm 16. (Birthday is on the 1st of September)
I was born in Northern and lived there for 13 years.
I moved to Germany three years ago I lived in Hamburg in my first two years and now I've lived in Berlin for almost a year.

I enjoy playing games such as Minecraft and Roblox Yes I know I'm kind of old to play Roblox but I've been playing it for so long that I can't stop playing it. 
My favourite football club is Liverpool and I've been a fan of them for almost 6 years.

I was born with a speech impediment and I don't really like to talk about it because it's really annoying.

Feel free to ask me more questions if you wanna know more about me!

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Re: Hello, I'm new to this website

Beitrag von Keswick »

Good morning SandOwl, and welcome to the forum! :)

I was just about to ask where you're from as you put Northern.. but I suppose it's Northern England, considering your favourite football club is Liverpool?

Good to have you with us, enjoy your time here :freu:!
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Re: Hello, I'm new to this website

Beitrag von Duckduck »

Hi SandOwl, welcome!
My birthday is on the 1st of September, too! :prost:  (But I could be your owl-grannyduck!)
Thanks for joining us and have lots of fun here! :freu:

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