In London

Hier könnt ihr Sätze und kurze Texte zum Korrigieren einstellen.
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In London

Beitrag von goodox »

Auch hier würde ich mich über eine Korrektur freuen. 

In London
In London I would like to see Tower Bridge. It's not just a bridge. There's some exciting things more. But you have pay a ticket for. Upstairs in the tower is a small museum with some models and pictures from the bridge construction and they history. You can also admire that old power house. Above is a beautiful pedestrian bridge that connect both towers. The bottom is partly made of glass, so that you have a clear view down. Afterwards I would connect a walk along the Themse. 

It is also worthwhile to take a ride on the cable car named Air Line. The ride takes 10 minutes and reaches a height of up to 90 meters. In finde weather you can see up to 24 km. For relaxing I would visit Hyde Park and take a cap of coffee at Lido Cafe. 

Next I would go to the Tower of London. There are some beautiful crown jewels, large weapons and medieval armour to see. I think that would be interesting. Another building I would visit that's St. Paul's Cathedral. This Cathedral was build forty years long. In this Cathedral there are some city ceremonies. Like the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981. One more thing is interesting about this building. That's the Whispering Gallery. There is a round balcony when you whispering against the wall, so someone on the other side can hear it. 

The Shard building offers a beautiful view of London. This building is 310 meter high and is the tallest building in the EU. In my opinion, however, it is too expensive to pay thirty euros for one ticket.