Hi and "Servus" from Bavaria

Write something about yourself (who you are and where you come from).
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Hi and "Servus" from Bavaria

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Hi guys,

how are you?
My name is Sabrina and I am from Bavaria. I live in a little village near Munich. My hobbies are reading books :read: , watching my favourite shows ( I have a lot of!)  on TV  :zpop: and my pets. 
I do some mini-jobs, such as cleaning holiday homes of our guests, give english tutoring, do kids and dog sitting, and I work as a veterinary assistant once a week.
Also I do all the preperations to start my exercises to get the driver's license.
I really want to improve my english skills, so I would be happy if someone wants to start a conversation with me.
If someone needs help with the German language (grammar or words), I could help.
We can write here in this forum or write mails.
What shall then set? ;-)