Alles zur englischen Grammatik.
How to deal with English grammar.
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Hi, kann mir bitte wer die aufgabe korrigeiren?

put the verbs in the correct form.use the pasive where it is necessary.

FIVE years ago Denise Lewis has finished a disappointing third at the Atlanta Olympics. Yet even then, the 2000 Games are her real aim. Yesterday, on a spring night in Sydney she won the gold medal she always wanted.
Famous for her looks as well as for her talent, it is likely that in future the new heptathlon champion will earn more from marketing than from competitions. Her background, however, won´t be forgotten. Joan Lewis was eight when she came to Britain.
Nine years later Denise was born, only child. Shortly after that, Denise´s father left them and mrs lewis took jobs with low pay to support herself and her daughter , who already had shown a strong ambition. Very early teachers told mrs lewis that her daughter would have such a strong personality they would expect her to be first female prime Minister. M. T. got there first, but while she was taking power in Westminster. Denise Lewis took the prizes at school sports. By the age of 14, she was becoming English schools long jump champion. Mrs lewis become worry about her, because denise have to travel an hour and halb by bus, four times a week, while she was training at the stadium.

Help!! :cry: