contentment vs. satisfaction / jealousy vs. envy

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contentment vs. satisfaction / jealousy vs. envy

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Hello there,

which difference, if any, is there between the words "content" - "satisfied" and "jealous" - "envious" respectively?
And apropos: Did I use the "respectively"-structure correctly or how could I have put it more elegantly?

Thank you!

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Re: contentment vs. satisfaction / jealousy vs. envy

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Tricky question! :)

content means that you're generally alright with the circumstances, but it could be better

satisfied is more positive, i.e. you are happy with the circumstances, and your are not thinking about how things could be improved

envious means that you begrudge someone's possession, e.g. you can envy someone's latest Porsche or lottery win.
jealous means that you fear being replaced by someone else, i.e. jealousy is being used in connection with people. You're jealous of your wife's best male friend because you are scared that she might like him over you.

I hope that helps!
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