Sind hier Fehler enthalten ? Referat Starbucks

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Sind hier Fehler enthalten ? Referat Starbucks

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According to Starbucks the drinks are prepared to generally accepted standards which would have the aim that the coffee from New York to Beijing has the same taste. Also will the local tap water filtered and cakes and pastries partly directly related to the target markets of the United States
.You can also buy coffee beans and tea. Starbucks is known also for ice-mixed drinks called Frappuccino. They are made out of coffee milk and crushed ice to a cold drink
To appeal to broad customer base guests can at Starbucks also choose from different types of milk such as whole milk, low fat milk skim milk, lactose free milk and soy milk

Fruit juicessuch as raspberry and mango juice with Tazo Tea and crushed ice combine to "blended juice drinks" Moreover, pastries, cakes and sandwiches.
Starbucks used also organically grown coffeeand offers free used coffee grounds as compost
Many Starbucks storesoffer the option to payby mobile phone. You open your Starbucksapp choosethe product hat you want to buy and go to the checkout.
The seller will scan it and know immediatelywhat you want
This makes the waiting time much more shorter. While enjoying your meal you can use the free wirless internet access.

In 1992 starbucks was converted intoa public limited company
.By fresh money starbucks could expanded the store network faster

Support Centers
Starbucks has established Farmer Support Centers in Costa Rica and Rwanda to provide local farmers with the resources and expertise that help lower the cost of production, reduce fungus infections, improve coffee quality and increase the yield of premium coffees.