Can you correct it, please?

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Can you correct it, please?

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Hi, can somebody correct this short text, please?! That would be very nice.

About the story:

Jamilas father named Anwar wants that his daughter get married. His brother in Bombay knows a man (thirteen-years old), who should come and live in London as Jamilas husband. But Jamila isn´t pleased. She wants to run away from home and live with friends. Except for her mother, who is hit by Anwar. After Jamila said to her father, that she would cut off his hair with a kitchen knife if he´ll do it again, he makes his wife physical violence.
One day, Jamilas mother Jeeta comes and is starting to cry, because her husband is ill. But Jamila says, that he lies and that she don´t believe him. That´s the reason why Jeeta is angry about her. Anwar don´t want to eat anything, he only wants that Jamila marries the boy, he had chosen with his brother. He says, his daughter must do what he orders. The only person, who understands and supports Jamila is her good friend Karim.

Thx, lg M.