Idiomatische Wendungen in englischen Sätzen – N – Z

Hier findest du Wörter und Wendungen, die in der englischen Umgangssprache häufig verwendet werden. Man nennt sie auch idiomatische Wendungen.

Idiomatische Wendung Satzbeispiel Deutsche Übersetzung
from now on From now on I'm going to drive more carefully. von jetzt an
old fart Bob isn't an entertainer, he is an old fart. alter Langweiler
pint ›A pint for me, please.‹ Halbe‹ (Bier)
to be pissed off Leave me alone, I'm pissed off! genervt sein
pitchdark   stockdunkel
plonk Plonk often causes a bad headache. billiger Wein
to come to the point Don't talk for hours. Come to the point. zur Sache kommen
to pop in I won't be back early. I'll pop in at Max's. vorbeischauen
to put in a word for sb. My mother doesn't let me go out. Can you put in a word for me, please? ein gutes Wort einlegen
pretty much They earn pretty much money together. ziemlich viel
out of the question We can't come to the party. This is out of the question. nicht in Frage kommen
quid A quid is a pound in British currency. Pfund (Währung)
red tape Too much red tape takes everything longer. Bürokratie
right as rain Your baby is right as rain. kerngesund
to sack sb. Fred was sacked because he had lost his driving licence. jemanden feuern
scruffy Her apartment is very scruffy. schmuddelig
to see about Let's have a party on Saturday. I'll see about the drinks. sich um etwas kümmern
sharpish After a quarrel Mike left sharpish. schnell
to sing like an angel   wie ein Engel singen
to be in someone's shoes I don't want to be in Peter's shoes. in jemanden seiner Haut stecken
to shut up Shut up or disappear before I get furious. den Mund halten
can't stand I can't stand the rain. etwas nicht ausstehen können
in the sticks During their holiday the Bakers lived in the sticks. Far away from towns. in der Pampa (ganz weit draußen)
to stick sth./sb. I can't stick more of this. etwas aushalten
stroppy Jimmy is a stroppy child. widerspenstig
stuff Where is all that stuff I bought at Oxfam's yesterday? Zeug
Take it easy.   Nimm's leicht.
telly You're a couch potato. All you can do is sit in front of the telly. Glotze
thick Are you thick? This is the right number. begriffsstutzig
Think nothing of it.   Das macht nichts.
to be on time Please be on time. pünktlich
to take one's time Take your time. Zeit lassen
tipple After walking through the cold rain everyone enjoyed a tipple. alkoholisches Getränk
tomato-red hair He's got tomato-red hair. feuerrotes Haar
to loose track Do you know where Fred lives? - I've lost track of him. die Spur verlieren
to take turns My sister and Anne take turns babysitting. sich abwechseln
Watch your step. You'd better watch your step if you don't want trouble with your boss. Pass auf, was du tust.
like water on a hot stone   wie ein Tropfen auf einen heißen Stein
to wear many hats You've got to wear many hats if you want to run your own hotel. vielseitig sein
to feel under the weather I think I'll stay at home tonight. I'm feeling a little under the weather. angeschlagen sein
when push comes to shove When push comes to shove you'd rather accept the job. wenn es hart auf hart kommt
as white as snow   schneeweiß
no wonder No wonder he is ill. He went out in shorts in winter. kein Wunder
a word in your ear Could I have a word in your ear? unter vier Augen
Words fail me. Did you hear about Sue and Pat? – Words fail me. Mir fehlen die Worte.
to eat one's words I'm sorry. I'll eat my words. zurücknehmen, was man gesagt hat
in other words In other words, you can't answer the question. anders gesagt
to have words with sb. I had words with the headteacher of my son's school mit jemanden eine Auseinandersetzung haben
to work like a dog   arbeiten wie ein Pferd
would rather Would you like to spend your holidays in the North? No - I'd rather fly to Mexico. würde lieber
to wow sb. His appearance at the party wowed me. jemanden tierisch beeindrucken
to zing through sth. The arrow zinged through the trees as fast as lightning. durch etwas hindurchzischen

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