Simple Present – Verneinungen – Langformen – Übung 4

Aufgaben-Nr. 4658

Vervollständige die Sätze.

Benutze nur die Langformen der Hilfsverben.

Beispiel aufklappen


They   to music. (not/to listen)


They do not listen to music.

  1. I shopping. (not/to like)
  2. Lilly at home. (not/to help)
  3. The children great. (not/to feel)
  4. Frank hockey. (not/to play)
  5. The meeting at 10. (not/to start)
  6. We the cows in the morning. (not/to feed)
  7. I videos on a smartphone. (not/to watch)
  8. She dinner on Fridays. (not/to make)
  9. You in a house. (not/to live)
  10. They essays at home. (not/to write)