Einfache Aussagesätze im Simple Present – Übung 3

Aufgaben-Nr. 4704

Schreibe die richtige Verbformen in die Lücken. Benutze das Simple Present in den Aussagesätzen.

Beispiel aufklappen


Tim sometimes   basketball. (to play)


Time sometimes plays basketball.

  1. Ben and Jamy to the park in the afternoon. (to go)
  2. The shop at 8 pm. (to close)
  3. I breakfast every day. (to make)
  4. The girls in London. (to live)
  5. Lily her friends on Fridays. (to meet)
  6. Luke a nice dog. (to have)
  7. They ice cream. (to like)
  8. Luca often funny messages. (to send)
  9. We always to the radio in the morning. (to listen)
  10. My friend this song. (to love)