Bejahte Aussagesätze im Simple Present – Übung 1

Aufgaben-Nr. 4010

Schreibe die richtige Verbformen in die Lücken. Benutze das Simple Present in den Aussagesätzen.

Beispiel aufklappen


I   in the lake. (to swim)


I swim in the lake.

  1. We our dog. (to call)
  2. Emma in the lessons. (to dream)
  3. They at birds. (to look)
  4. John home from school. (to come)
  5. I my friends. (to meet)
  6. He the laptop. (to repair)
  7. Walter and Frank hello. (to say)
  8. The cat under the tree. (to sit)
  9. You water. (to drink)
  10. She the lunchbox. (to forget)