Simple Past oder Present Perfect – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 4420

Setze die Verbindungen in den Klammern entweder im Simple Past oder im Present Perfect in die Lücken ein. In manche Lücken musst du auch das Subjekt mit einsetzen. Achte besonders auf die Wörter in den Klammern.

Beispiel aufklappen


I   tennis since I   at school. (not/to play – to be)


I have not played tennis since I was at school.

  1. I my keys, so I can't open that door. (to lose)
  2. Columbus in the New World in 1492. (to arrive)
  3. Nina her leg. She is still in hospital. (to break)
  4. I here all my life. (to live)
  5. Colin for Brazil this morning. (to leave)
  6. Last winter Robin with his father in the Alps for three days. (to stay)
  7. Ellen with her left hand. (always/to write)
  8. She a language course in Paris last summer. (to do)
  9. anyone yet? (to phone)
  10. I Paul today, but I him last Sunday. (not/to see - to see)