Present Progressive – Aussagesätze – Langformen – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 4054

Setze das Verb in Klammern in die Lücke und bilde Aussagesätze im Present Progressive.

Benutze nur die Langformen der Hilfsverben.

Beispiel aufklappen


Jane   home from work. (to come)


Jane is coming home from work.

  1. He in the lake. (to swim)
  2. Andrew and Colin muffins. (to make)
  3. Simon a letter. (to write)
  4. They pictures. (to swap)
  5. Kathy with Bob. (to dance)
  6. You home. (to run)
  7. I a shower. (to take)
  8. We money for a new computer. (to save)
  9. She the grass. (to cut)
  10. The teacher his bike. (to ride)