Fragen und Antworten im Simple Past – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 4690

Nutze die in Klammern stehenden Verben und bilde Fragen mit Fragewörtern und die dazugehörigen Antworten im Simple Past. Beachte das Beispiel.

Beispiel aufklappen


When   Carlos   the new smartphone? → He   the new smartphone last Monday. (to buy)


When did Carlos buy the new smartphone? → He bought the new smartphone last Monday.

  1. Where she yesterday evening? → She shopping. (to go)
  2. When he hockey? → He hockey last Sunday. (to play)
  3. What you last night? → I a badger in the garden. (to watch)
  4. When Jacob home? → He home at 8 o'clock pm. (to come)
  5. When the meeting ? → It at midday. (to finish)
  6. When Sarah the cake? → She the cake two hours ago. (to make)
  7. What Richard last Friday afternoon? → He a microwave. (to check)
  8. How Molly ? → She in cash. (to pay)
  9. When you the text message? → We the text message at 10 o'clock am. (to send)
  10. Where you your birthday? → I my birthday at home. (to celebrate)