Der s-Genitiv im Englischen – Übung 4

Aufgaben-Nr. 3452

Schreibe die richtig Form des s-Genitivs in die Lücke.

Beispiel aufklappen


We have two   holiday in October. (weeks)


We have two weeks' holiday in October.

  1. Sarah is aunt. (Emily)
  2. These are our cats. (friends)
  3. Let's meet at for lunch. (Giovanni)
  4. Where is the shower? (ladies)
  5. This is our car. (boss)
  6. My dad is my uncle. (cousin)
  7. Did you read newspaper? (yesterday)
  8. and bags are black. (Jack – Joe)
  9. Our grandparents live in an old home. (people)
  10. That sandwich would not be to taste. (everyone)