Phrasal verbs im Englischen – Einsetzübung

Aufgaben-Nr. 2912

Setze die folgenden Verben (believe, fill, get, look, put, switch, take, throw, turn, try) und die passenden Präpositionen (away, down, for, in, off, on, out) ein.

Beispiel aufklappen


My parents are out. So I have to   my baby-brother.


My parents are out. So I have to look after my baby-brother.

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Phrasal verbs

  1. Quick! the bus. It's ready to leave.
  2. I don't know where my book is. I have to it.
  3. It's dark inside. Can you the light, please?
  4. the form, please.
  5. I need some new clothes. Why don't you these jeans?
  6. It's warm inside. your coat.
  7. This pencil is really old. You can it .
  8. It's so loud here. Can you the radio a little?
  9. The firemen were able to the fire in Church Street.
  10. Does your little brother ghosts?