Konjunktionen, Bindewörter in englischen Sätzen – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 3334

Welche der vorgegebenen Konjunktionen/Bindewörter passt am besten in die jeweilige Lücke?

  1. I like sugar in my tea, I don't like milk in it.
  2. Listen to the story answer the questions in complete sentences.
  3. Is it Thursday Friday today?
  4. He was late the bus didn't come.
  5. We were very tired happy after our flight to Sydney.
  6. They climbed the mountain it was very windy.
  7. Lenny was watching the planes his wife was reading in the car.
  8. I'll text you I have arrived in Toronto.
  9. Neither my brother my sister own a car.
  10. The sun was warm, the wind was a bit too cool.