Possessivbegleiter in englischen Sätzen – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 3176

Welcher Possessivbegleiter fehlt in den vorgegebenen Sätzen? Beachte das unterstrichene Personalpronomen.

Beispiel aufklappen


My dad hurt   leg.


My dad hurt his leg.

  1. Lenny lives in Liverpool with brother.
  2. I share a room with sister.
  3. Paul, Henry and uncle work in London.
  4. We are from Dublin. Peggy and Ron are neighbours.
  5. Tina plays handball in school.
  6. I like to ride bike.
  7. Joe loves cars. favourite one is a Ferrari.
  8. Alan has a guitar. colour is black.
  9. The students seldom forget homework.
  10. Hi Jayden. – Is this book?