Pronomen im Englischen – gemischte Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 3166

Setze das Personalpronomen in Klammern entweder in der Subjektform, der Objektform, als Possessivbegleiter oder als Possessivpronomen ein.

Beispiel aufklappen


Can   and   sister come to the meeting? (you)


Can you and your sister come to the meeting?

  1. We can phone my grandma and ask . (she)
  2. Are your friends? (they)
  3. is working on presentation. (she)
  4. Excuse , can ask a question? (I)
  5. can ride skateboards. (they)
  6. is friend. (he)
  7. This is not jacket, was blue. (I)
  8. bought it for . (she)
  9. These two cats are . (we)
  10. don't eat potatoes because don't like . (they)