if-Sätze – Typ I – gemischte Übung mit Verneinungen

Aufgaben-Nr. 2016

Schreibe die in Klammern stehenden Verbformen so in die Lücken ein, dass ein if-Satz – Typ I entsteht. Benutze in den Hauptsätzen nur das will-future. Beachte, dass der if-Satz nicht immer am Anfang steht.

Beispiel aufklappen


Lisa   (not/to open) the window if you   (not/to tell) her.


Lisa will not open the window if you do not tell her. oder
Lisa won't open the window if you don't tell her.

  1. If we (to send) an invitation, our friends (to come) to our party.
  2. He (not/to understand) you if you (to whisper).
  3. They (not/to survive) in the desert if they (not/to take) extra water with them.
  4. If you (to press) CTRL + s, you (to save) the file.
  5. You (to cross) the Channel if you (to fly) from Paris to London.
  6. Fred (to answer) the phone if his wife (to have) a bath.
  7. If Claire (to wear) this dress at the party, our guests (not/to stay) long.
  8. If I (to touch) this snake, my girlfriend (not/to scream).
  9. She (to forget) to pick you up if you (not/to phone) her.
  10. I (to remember) you if you (to give) me a photo.