Fragen im Simple Present – Übung 1

Aufgaben-Nr. 1312

Schreibe die richtige Verbform in die Lücke. Benutze das Simple Present.

Beispiel aufklappen


  they   their friends? (to phone)


Do they phone their friends?

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Fragen im Simple Present

  1. you mineral water? (to drink)
  2. Sarah and Linda their pets? (to feed)
  3. your teacher your homework? (to check)
  4. they in the old house? (to live)
  5. the cat on the wall in the mornings? (to sit)
  6. Nina computer games? (to play)
  7. your parents TV in the afternoon? (to watch)
  8. your grandmother the phone? (to answer)
  9. Andy the shopping? (to do)
  10. Garry and Ken a cup of tea in the afternoon? (to have)