Fragen im Past Progressive – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 1364

Schreibe die richtigen Verbformen und die Substantive in die Lücken. Benutze das Past Progressive. Beachte Verb und Substantiv/Prononem in Klammern.

Beispiel aufklappen


  a book? (she/to read)


Was she reading a book?

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Fragen im Past Progressive

  1. the museum? (she/to visit)
  2. with a pencil? (you/to write)
  3. comics? (the boys/to read)
  4. questions? (Kimberly/to ask)
  5. photos? (Helen and Anne/to take)
  6. a lot of noise? (your sister/to make)
  7. the classroom? (the teacher/to leave)
  8. files? (the girls/to send)
  9. under the tree? (the dog/to sit)
  10. at pictures? (they/to look)