Englische Fragewörter – Übung 2

Aufgaben-Nr. 1330

Setze die Fragewörter What, Where, Why, When, How so ein, dass eine sinnvolle Frage entsteht.

Beispiel aufklappen


  often do you play volleyball?


How often do you play volleyball?

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Fragewörter im Englischen

  1. is the weather like today?
  2. don't you like apple juice?
  3. about a walk through the forest?
  4. do you play volleyball?
  5. is my red sweat shirt, Mum?
  6. do Anne and Betty get to school every day?
  7. does your father go to work?
  8. is the dog's bone?
  9. are we going for a holiday by the sea again?
  10. do you like your coffee?