Passivsätze im Present Perfect im Englischen – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 2746

Setze die vorgegebenen Sätze und Fragen ins Passiv.

Beispiel aufklappen


We have finished the housework.


The housework has been finished. oder
The housework has been finished by us.

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Das Passiv im Englischen

  1. They have opened a new shop.
  2. Rick has interviewed the lady.
  3. I have bought the tickets.
  4. We have not sold the bike.
  5. Tim has forgotten the sandwiches.
  6. He has not cleaned the kitchen yet.
  7. Joe and Gerry have never played rugby.
  8. Somebody has stolen Peter's car.
  9. She has not used the tablet for days.
  10. Have they found the keys?