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My best friend

My best friend is a girl.
But that is not important!
I spend almost all my freetime with her.
Her name ... it sounds funny.
Some people only call her ***.
And sometimes there are situations
you just only can laugh about her.
She tells me about her problems.
Me, too.
We are not very different.
We like the same music, watch the same movies...
and do the same things.
Sometimes we just only look at each other and see, that there is more ...
than just good friends
No love!
But something we'll never lose.
This feeling that we're one person.
A person with good and bad preferences.
Just like a very special creature.
Two pupils, who are so different.
Boy and girl.
But not in love.
Just the best friends ... existing on earth.

© Steve Sonntag, Schwarzenberg, April 2003

A light brown face
with two blue eyes,
the dark blond hair
flying in the skies,
red lips smiling in the sun,
white teeth and a bubble gum.
That is, how I know her well,
and if she's changing,
because of others,
she will always
be herself!
If she's sad, I will try
to make her laugh,
because she needs
a lot of love
'cause she is often alone.
So I try to give her a home.

© Carolin Unger, Plauen, April 2003


Heart is full of warmth,
Feel the depth of his soul,
The beauty of his character,
The truth in his voice.

Charm of his face
Filled with grace,
Deep loving eyes,
Wonderful smile.

Placed in my arms,
Is joy filled with flowers,
His fragrance fills the air,
I feel the presence of his care.

Helps' me when I am down,
Feeling low and blue,
Understands me when I am confused.
Prays' for me when I am scared.

© Jenessey Dias


What is life?
Some people say "Life is a gift from god",
Some people say "Life is a game to enjoy",
Some people say "Life is there to have fun",

But what is it really?
Everybody try to find a satisfactory explanation,
Everybody search proofs to be confirmed,
But nobody can say definitely what life is,

Is life useful?
Some people live their life to have fun,
Some people live their life to die for others,
Some people live their life to fight for a better life,

But what is really going on?
Some people waste their lifetime,
Some people kill their fellows,
Some people don’t know what to do with their life,

What is the meaning of life?
Life is valuable and precious,
Life is irreplaceable,
Life is only once,

Life should be use careful,
Life should be use wise,
Life should be use as a big gift.

© Ramiya Duraiappah

Promises, heaven and tears at night.
something is missing and doesn't feel right.
Butterflies and love, happiness and bliss,
but what have I done, what have I missed?
something is missing and I exacltly know why -
you are gone, now everything's a lie.
Lying in the dark, waiting just for you,
knowing you are not coming, I'm so confused.
Come again, the life is a nightmare
without the one, with whom my love to share.

© Bilyana Hristova, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

My rabbit

My rabbit is sweet,
my rabbit is big and
I love it!

© Laura

It was fun

Now or never
We are strong
So nice and clever
It held long
We will fight it
Till it leaves
We will hide it
in the trees
It will move
It lies still
With shere power
And its will
It will run
It will flee
It was fun
With you
And me

© Sara